The BUSSATs Journey

Revolutionise Student Recruitment & Admissions into Schools

What are BUSSATs?


  • Save countless hours of marking

  • Secure authentic test results for both domestic and international pupils

  • Manage hundreds of students simultaneously and across multiple locations

  • Access standardised scores providing meaningful data for decision taking

  • Maximise admissions efficiency and costs

At Anglo Schools International Services (ASIS), we are dedicated to helping young people achieve their goals, both in terms of school and university placements and as they move into the world of work. We have developed a range of academic assessments and career tests to ensure that students are equipped to succeed at every level.

Working with top academic partners and professional bodies, we offer students the chance to take the British University and Secondary School Achievement Tests (BUSSATs) at a variety of stages ensuring they make the most of the educational opportunities available to them. Our tests help young people gain access to some of the best schools and universities in the UK, as well as indicating how their individual performance compares to the international standard. Our Career tests analyse in depth the skills required for successful entry to particular professions, such as medicine, law and engineering. We also offer a general “Fit for Work” assessment for school and university leavers.

BUSSATs Entry Tests

BUSSATs can be taken at 11+, 13+ and 16+, which are the main points of entry for UK secondary level private schools.  The tests have been trialled internationally with a select group of UK boarding schools, and have been well-received by schools, students and parents alike.  During the trial period, top BUSSATs Index Scorers more than fulfilled their academic promise at UK boarding schools, achieving multiple A* grades at GCSE and A Level examinations.

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API – Academic Performance Index

The Academic Performance Index is the ideal solution for schools to highlight their top performers’ achievements rather be dragged down by league tables.


Private Schools in the UK apply for and achieve a unique Index Score (API) based on the level of their students at 11+ or 13+ or 16+. Students sit the British Universities & Secondary Schools Achievement Tests (BUSSATs) to help place them within the scoring system. Their results are computed into an Academic Performance Index score which are compared with the same tests taken by international candidates seeking placements at those schools.

Each test taker has his or her results computed into an Individual Academic Performance Index Score, which gives a relative measure of overall academic ability. (Individual subject achievements are also available to both schools and applicants).

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BUSSATs Achievement Tests?

BUSSATs are the British Universities and Secondary Schools Achievement Tests which are used to measure the academic competency of pupils and students seeking entry to a UK school or university. BUSSATs can be taken at 11+, 13+ and 16+, which are the main points of entry for UK secondary level private schools. BUSSATs are proficiency tests in:

• English Comprehension & Grammar

• Maths (at basic, advanced and super-advanced levels)

• General Knowledge (History, Geography, Science, Current Affairs and Sport)

BUSSATs provide, for the first time, a standardised measure of international student and school achievement. All questions are multi-choice. There are over 250 questions across the three tests. The tests, delivered in partnership with Pearson Vue, take around 2 hours in total.