BUSSATs Entry Tests


Locations of Test Takers & Security

 Test takers can be situated simultaneously in multiple locations both within the UK and across the rest of the world, including China and other countries where Internet restrictions can make connection difficult. 

Special security software is applied to each test-taker’s computer which must be downloaded and unlocked by ASIS prior to the start of the test. This prevents any unauthorised access to the Internet during the test. 

Once started, the test cannot be stopped until its timing is complete. Short breaks are included. 

It is recommended that tests are taken within a proctored environment. 

ASIS has a number of international partners to help facilitate this where Schools have international candidates.  

 Under certain circumstances, the technology allows for tests to be taken outside of a fully proctored environment.

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Numbers of Test Takers

 There is no limit on the number of test takers that can be examined at the same time. .


Getting inside the results

 The raw data allows admissions teams to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of candidates, section by section. 

A detailed breakdown of the student’s approach to the exam content, and the time taken to answer questions, is available from the raw data.