Using the Results

 ASIS provides schools with a full results service. 

All marking of the multiple-choice questions is automatic providing basic raw data within minutes of the test completion. 

From the raw data, which can be made fully available to School Admissions Tutors and Administrators for detailed examination, the ASIS Results Management Team calculates a standardised ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE INDEX SCORE (API) for every test-taker. These scores are made available to the School within 72 hours of the tests being taken. 


The API score of the test-taker becomes the basis on which an academic offer for admission can be made. 

 The API Score of the whole school, or the age-group cohort, can be determined in advance of the admissions process. Schools can then set their admissions criteria, commonly expecting their new entrants to have achieved an API within a nominated % variance of the School API number. 

How does the API work?

 The Academic Performance Index Score of a test-taker is a calculation combining marks for correct answers plus bonus points for high achievers. 

The Raw Scores per section are translated into percentages. Students exceeding 80% in English and General Knowledge, and 70% in Maths, earn bonus points. A mathematical algorithm is then applied to that data to generate the API.